For Parents

The Fraternities at WUSTL create many opportunities for your son, which includes Scholarship, Brotherhood, Leadership and much more.

Joining a fraternity at Wash U gives your son the opportunity to meet a diverse range of students with whom he might not normally interact. He will become part of an organization through which he will build lifelong friendships and make lasting memories. He will be presented with opportunities for leadership, service, and growth as an individual, all of which the Wash U greek system cultivates.

Academics are the top priority of the Fraternity System. Fraternities have a strict scholarship program that helps your son with the transition into College life. Fraternities have many resources in place that enable your son to do the best he can academically, including mentorship from older brothers and tutors provided by the University.

There are many great leaders of this country and the business world who were members of a fraternity. Your son will have many opportunities to take on leadership roles within his fraternity, the university, and his community. All of our fraternities strive to produce men with strong leadership skills to help them succeed both in school and later on in life.

Several thousands of hours and dollars are donated to charities and service projects each year by Wash U fraternities through our philanthropy weeks and our commitment to organizations like Books and Basketball. The efforts of Wash U’s Greek community truly benefit the St. Louis community.