Alpha Delta Phi

Alpha Delta Phi House

Alpha Delta Phi | Upper Row House 1

Alpha Delta Phi, Eliot Chapter

National Founding: 1832

Local Founding: March 3, 2012

Philanthropy: Ferguson Youth Tutors

Colors: Emerald and Pearl


Alpha Delta Phi is dedicated to an atmosphere of energetic and concerted interaction where the moral, social and intellectual aspects of each man’s character may grow and flourish.

Alpha Delta Phi, Eliot Chapter is Wash U’s newest fraternity on campus. Founded in the Spring of 2012, we are an organization that builds well-rounded men that lead the community with our values of Service, Integrity, Growth, Humility, Tradition and Scholarship. We strive to develop our brothers socially, morally,and intellectually through our unique and continuous education program. Our chapter and internationals have a strong literary tradition, and therefore we have worked hard to program intellectually stimulating and compelling events for all students at Washington University to attend. On October 1st, we were officially recognized as the newest fraternity on campus since 1928. We look forward to continuing our growth and adding a unique aspect to the Greek life here at Wash U.